Namaste and welcome to the website of Vedantic Study Group of Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago. This group was started in June 2007 by a handful of students who started to listen to the pre-recorded classes of Baghwat Geeta by Swami Paramarthananda.  We continue to study Upanishads and other vedic philosophies under the guidance of Swami Paramarthananda.

Currently we listen to pre-recorded classes by Swamiji’s twice a week – Baghawat Geeta on Saturdays starting at 4 PM (in Viverkanada Hall) and Taitreya Upsanishads on Sundays starting at 8:45 AM (at the Board Room). All are welcome to attend these classes.

In this website,  we publish notes taken by the students of Swamiji Classes.   We continue to add class notes as we progress with each topic taught by Swamiji.  The class notes are written by the students of the class and we encourage all students to share their notes and comments.

Thank you very much for visiting our website and your interest in vedanta.