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Bhagwat Geeta, Class 181 – Chapter 14 Verses 1 to 4

In the last ṣatkam of Bhagavat Gita, the first three chapters – chapters 14, 15 and 16 – mainly focus on jñāna yoga.  Nethi Nethi method:  Whatever I experience, I am not; by negating everything I experience, then I left out with is the experiencer, who can never be the object.  Arrive at the subject […]

Baghawad Gita, Chapter 14 Summary

Continuing his teachings Swamiji presented the summary of the chapter today.He said the 14th chapter, like theprevious chapter, falls within the third shadkam of the Bhagavat Gita; the third groupof six chapters and I had pointed out that in the third shadkam, Sri Krishna concentrates on Gyana yoga. And therefore we find the topic of […]

Baghawad Gita, Class 187: Chapter 14, Verses 22 to 27

Shloka 14:21 14.21 Arjuna said O Lord, by what signs is one (known) who has gone beyond these three alities? What is his behaviour, and how does he transcend these three alities? Continuing his teachings Swamiji said today,after elaborating about the three gunas, and how they bind a human being, Sri Krishna pointed out the […]

Baghawad Gita, Class 186: Chapter 14, Verses 19 to 21

Shloka # 14.19 When the witness sees none other than the alities as the agent, and knows that which is superior [i.e. different from.] to the alities, he attains My nature. Continuing his teachings Swamiji said today, Sri Krishna has analyzed the three gunas elaborately from verse No.5 to 18, and pointed out that each […]

Baghawad Gita, Class 185: Chapter 19, Verses 13 to 19

Shloka # 14.13: O descendant of the Kuru dynasty, when tamas predominates these surely [i.e. without exception.-M.S.] come into being: non-discrimination and inactivity, inadvertence and delusion. Greetings, Continuing his teachings Swamiji said today, analyzing the three Gunas Sri Krishna has dealt with three topics: Lakshanam; Bandha Prakaraha; and Lingam. Finally Sri Krishna discussed the topic […]

Baghawad Gita, Class 184: Chapter 14, Verses 19 to 14

Shloka # 14. 9: 14.9 O scion of the Bharata dynasty, sattva attaches one to happiness, rajas to action, while tamas, covering up knowledge, leads to inadvertence als Continuing his teachings Swamiji said today, in the last few classes, we saw that our higher nature known as the sakshi svarupam is ever nirgunam and therefore […]

Baghawad Gita, Class 183: Chapter 14, Verses 5 to 9

Shloka # 14.5: O mighty-armed one, the alities, viz sattva, rajas and tamas, born of Nature, being the immutable embodies being to the body. Continuing his teachings Swamiji said today,  For analyzing the three gunas, Sri Krishna has given the introduction and in the introductory portion we saw that every individual is a mixture of […]

Baghawad Gita, Class 182: Chapter 14, Verses 4 & 5

Shloka # 14.4: 14.4 O son of Kunti, whatever forms are born from all the wombs, of them the great-sustainer is the womb; I am the father who deposits the seed. Continuing his teachings Swamiji said today, in this chapter 14 the first four verses were introductory ones where Sri Krishna mentioned that we are […]

Bagawad Gita, Class 181: Chapter 14, Verses 1 to 4

Continuing his teachings Swamiji said today, having completed the 13th chapter, now we will enter into the 14th chapter. As I had pointed earlier, the 14th chapter also falls within the last shatakam or group of the Gita and its focus is on Gyana yoga or self-knowledge. And in this group of six chapters, the […]