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Mandukya Upanishad, Class 26

Karika # 18 niścitāyāṃ yathā rajjvāṃ vikalpo vinivartate |  rajjureveti cādvaitaṃ tadvadātmaviniścayaḥ || 18 || 18. When the real nature of the rope is ascertained all illusions about it disappear and there arises the conviction that it is the one (unchanged) rope and nothing else; even so is the nature of the conviction regarding Ātman. Continuing his teaching […]

Pancha Maha Yagna

In 2017, we have started the donation of fresh fruits and vegetables to Inspiration Corp (  This is part of our effort to fulfill one of the pancha maha yagna.  We plan to continue to donate to Inspiration Corp or similar organization that serve humanity. Our scriptures prescribe certain saatvika karmas for our inner and […]

Manusha Yagya, February 2017

Namaste: We collected $240 as donations for our project. On Tuesday February 14th, Asha Hariprasad and I bought $235 worth of fresh produce from Costco. On February 15th, Ravi and I drove to Inspiration Corp to drop off our donations. We met Jeff Adams who is the Associate Director of Operations. He took us on […]

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