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Bagawat Geeta, Class 53 – Summary of Chapter 3

In the second chapter Lord Krishna discussed karma yoga and gyana yoga, focusing more on gyana yoga.  Lord Krishna begins second chapter with gyana yoga and concludes the second chapter with sthira pragya.  In between the two, he discusses karma yoga and asks Arjuna to do his karma, which is to fight the Mahabaratha war.  […]

Bagawat Geeta, Class 52

Arjuna’s, asks in verse 32 what is the obstacle to the practice of Karma Yoga and ultimately Gyana Yoga?  Why is that many people are not able to follow karma yoga?  Lord Krishna’s answers that it is because of raga dwesha kama krodha or moha and delusion.  This is due to confusion regarding priority of […]

Bagawat Geeta, Class 51

Greetings All, Shloka # 38: धूमेनाव्रियते वह्निर्यथाऽऽदर्शो मलेन च। यथोल्बेनावृतो गर्भस्तथा तेनेदमावृतम्।।3.38।। Just as fire is obscured by smoke, a mirror by dirt and embryo by the womb, so is knowledge by craving. Continuing his teachings of Gita, Swami Paramarthananda said, now Arjuna asked a question “how come a person violates Dharma in spite of […]

Bagawat Geeta, Class 50

Greetings All, Shloka # 36: अर्जुन उवाच अथ केन प्रयुक्तोऽयं पापं चरति पूरुषः। अनिच्छन्नपि वार्ष्णेय बलादिव नियोजितः।।3.36।। Arjuna said: Now impelled by what does man commit sin? O Krishna, though loath to sin, he is driven to it forcibly, as it were. Continuing his teachings, Swami Paramarthananda said, with shloka # 35 the topic of […]

Bagawat Geeta, Class 49

Greetings All, Shloka # 33: सदृशं चेष्टते स्वस्याः प्रकृतेर्ज्ञानवानपि। प्रकृतिं यान्ति भूतानि निग्रहः किं करिष्यति।।3.33।। “Even a man of knowledge behaves according to his nature. All living beings conform to nature. What can repression do?” Continuing his teachings, Swami Paramarthananda said, after talking about karma yoga Sri Krishna is summing up karma yoga in verses […]

Bagawat Geeta, Class 48

Greetings All, Shloka # 30: मयि सर्वाणि कर्माणि संन्यस्याध्यात्मचेतसा। निराशीर्निर्ममो भूत्वा युध्यस्व विगतज्वरः।।3.30।। “Surrendering all works to Me in a spiritual frame of mind that craves naught, and free from all sense of possessions, fight with unconcern.” Continuing his teaching on Gita, Swami Paramarthananda said, up to shloka # 35 Sri Krishna is summarizing Karma […]

Bagawat Geeta, Class 47

Greetings All, Shloka # 28: तत्त्ववित्तु महाबाहो गुणकर्मविभागयोः। गुणा गुणेषु वर्तन्त इति मत्वा न सज्जते।।3.28।। “O Hero! On the contrary, the knower of truth of the distinction between constituents of Prakrti and their operation does not attach himself to works knowing that constituents operate amidst constituents.” Continuing his teaching of the Gita and refreshing our […]

Bagawat Geeta, Class 46

Greetings All, Shloka # 27: प्रकृतेः क्रियमाणानि गुणैः कर्माणि सर्वशः। अहङ्कारविमूढात्मा कर्ताऽहमिति मन्यते।।3.27।। Works are being done in all ways by the constituents of Prakriti. He whose mind is deluded by egoism thinks, “ I am the agent”. Continuing his teaching of Gita and recapping last week’s class Swami Paramarthananda said, in beginning of chapter […]

Bagawat Geeta, Class 45

Greetings All, Shloka # 25: सक्ताः कर्मण्यविद्वांसो यथा कुर्वन्ति भारत। कुर्याद्विद्वांस्तथासक्तश्िचकीर्षुर्लोकसंग्रहम्।।3.25।। Prince of the Bharata line! Just as the ignorant work with attachment to that work, so should the wise work, unattached, seeking the world’s integration. Continuing his teaching Swami Paramarthananda says, after shloka # 20 Sri Krishna talked about Karma with respect to an […]

Bagawat Geeta, Class 44

Greetings All, Continuing his teaching Swami Paramarthananda says, after shloka # 20, Sri Krishna talked about Karma or doing one’s duty. Arjuna has to do Karma to purify his mind. Only a wise person can obtain liberation. Once liberation is obtained he does not need to do Karma. This was conclusion of shloka # 20. […]