Bagawat Geeta Class 7



Summary of class on December 12th:

Swamiji says that no value can be followed unconditionally because every value has an exception. When everything else fails, himsa is allowed.

Verses 24 and 25: ( Sanjaya said) ”  Oh Dhrtarastra! Commanded thus ( to place the chariot in between the armies) by Arjuna, Krishna placed the great chariot between the two armies in front of great warriors like Bhishma and Drona and all other kings and said thus – ” Oh Arjuna! See these Kauravas assembled.”

Krishna placed the chariot particularly in front of Bhishma and Drona towards whom Arjuna has the most attachment.

Verses 26,27,28: ( These three verses show the problem of attachment. They also show the first symptom of samsara for Arjuna) ” There Arjuna saw fathers*, grandfathers, teachers, uncles, brothers, sons, grandsons, friends, fathers-in-law,and well wishers assembled in the two armies. Seeing all these relatives assembled, Arjuna was overpowered by deep attachment. Grieving, he said the following.”

Swamiji says everyone has five fathers:

  1. The biological father
  2.  The one who gives the sacred thread during the Upanayam ceremony
  3.  The guru. Going to the Gurukulam is considered as a second birth. At our first birth, we are indiscriminate and instinctive. We are physically human, but mentally not. With Gayathri as the mother and Acharya as the father, we acquire reason and learn to live a life based on Dharma.
  4. Annadhadha – one who feeds you when in need
  5. The one who rescues you from adversity/crisis

When Arjuna sees all his family, a transformation takes place because he is overpowered by attachment. Arjuna, the soldier, now has become Arjuna, the samsari. Attachment leads to sorrow which leads to conflict.

Swamiji says a Jnani is the master of emotion while a ajnani is a slave to emotion.

Verses 28: This verse shows the sorrow that comes with attachment. This is the second symptom of Samsara. ” Arjuna said, ” Oh Krishna1 I see these relatives of mine who are assembled…… ( continuing into verse 29 which Swamiji will explain in the next class)

Arjuna uses the word svajaha meaning” my people” – I belong to them and they belong to me. When a sense of belonging becomes attachment and when attachment clouds our judgement, then the line between Dharma and Adharma blurs. Arjuna did not develop attachment in the battlefield. Attachment was not evident till the possibility of losing the object of attachment ( Bhishma, Drona….) occurs.



Usha Chandran