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Upadesa Saram, Class 11

Greetings All, Shloka # 24: The difference between God and individual is only in name, form and intelligence. They are the same in their essential nature as the Heart. Shloka # 25: When perception of name and form ceases, there is the vision of the Self. This is also the vision of God, for, God […]

Upadesa Saram, Clas10

Greetings All, Shlokas 21:  This, the Heart, is the true import of “I”. For it exists, when the “ I” is not. Continuing his teaching Swami Paramarthananda says, in first part of Upadesha Saram, Bhagawan Ramana Maharishi talked of various Sadhanas such as Upasana, and Ashtanga Yoga highlighting Pranayama. All of them are for preparing […]

Upadesa Saram, Class 9

Greetings All, Shlokas # 19:  Wherefrom does this “I” thought arise? If one enquires thus, it vanishes. This is self-enquiry.  Continuing his teaching Swami Paramarthananda says, all types of Sadhana’s such as Puja, Japa, Dhyana, Samadhi, Yoga, and Gyanam all will have to culminate in Atma Vichara. They are important but they are complete only […]

Upadesha Saram, Class 8

Greetings All, Shloka 15 and 16: # 15: “For the exalted Yogi abiding steadily in the natural state, having destroyed the mind, is there any action left?” # 16: “When the mind turns away from the objects, it beholds its source, Consciousness. This is Self –abidance.” Continuing his teaching of Upadesha Saram, and refreshing our […]

Upadesa Saram, Class 7

Greetings All, Shloka # 13: “Control of the mind is of two kind, its lulling and its destruction. A lulled mind will rise again but not the one which is destroyed.” Continuing his teaching, Swami Paramarthananda says, we have seen Bhagawan Ramana Maharishi talking about the six Sadhanas. They are: Puja, Japa, Dhyanam, Samadhi, Yoga […]

Upadesa Saram, Class 6

Greetings All, Shloka 7 and 8. Shloka # 7: “Constant , natural meditation like the steady flow of ghee or a stream of water is better than intermittent contemplation.” Shloka #8: “The meditation “I am that” regarded as more purifying than one based on dualistic thought.” Refreshing our memory of the last class Swami Paramathananda […]

Upadesa Saram, Class 5

Greetings All, Shloka # 4: “Ritualistic worship, chanting and meditation are done with the body, voice and the mind; they excel each other in the ascending order.” Shloka # 5: “ Worship of God in his eight fold form, understanding that He is so manifest, is proper worship of Him.” Recapping last class Swami Paramarthananda […]

Upadesa Saram, Class 4

Greetings All, Refreshing our memory of the last class Swami Paramarthananda discussed shlokas 3 and 4 respectively. In the first two verses of this book Ramana MahaRishi was refuting the claims of the Poorvamimsaka philosopher. Karma, secular or sacred, cannot give one Moksha. Karma is in fact a big roadblock to liberation. Karma has by […]

Upadesa Saram, Class 3

Greetings to all, Shloka # 1: “The results of action flow according to the law of the Creator. Is Karma, action, God? It is insentient.” Continuing his teaching of Upadesha Saram Swami Paramarthananada refreshed our memory about the last class. He said this text is the essence of the teaching of Lord Shiva and it […]

Upadesa Saram, Class 2

Greetings All, Continuing his teaching of Upadesha Saram, Swami Paramarthananda said, in the last class we discussed that this book contains the essence of Veda Shastram. Vedas are divided into two groups: Veda Poorva- also called Karma Kanda is the step used for preparation of the mind. Vedanta – also called Gyana Kanda is the […]