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Scriptures point out that human beings have 4 possible destinations. Rebirth—(PUNAR JANMA):  As a result of fructification of Sanchitha  karma ,beings attain suitable bodies.This cycle continues for most people until their Sanchita Karma is exhausted.This is possible only with attainment of Self Knowledge. Attainment of Swarga.(PARA LOKA PRAPTHI): Some people believe that attainment of celestial pleasures in Swarga is freedom.  Sastras do talk about these to those who […]

Introduction to Vedanta

This document was created by John Manetta and is class notes for one of the discourses given by Swami Paramrthananda. The term Vedanta may sound overwhelming, but this document explains many subjects like the organization of Vedic scriptures, creation, karma and ends with an introduction of Tattvabodha (Self Knowledge) (more…)