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Sadhana Sadhushta Sambandhi

Scriptures (and Swamiji) frequently emphasize that to acquire vedic knowledge, one should have sadhana sadhusta sambandhi or improve up on four requirements.  I am writing this post for easier recollection. Swamiji introduces the concept of sadhanasadhustasambandhi in TatvaBodha class and calls them as four “D’s”.  Swamiji elaborates this concept in other classes as well.  The […]

Vyragyam – Detachment

Tattva Bodha defines Vyragyam as desirelessness for  the pleasures of this world and the other upper worlds. Put it in another way, it is discriminating the REAL from the UNREAL and renouncing the Unreal and adopting the Real . In KATHOPANISHAD’S language, it is rejecting the “PREYAS” and electing the “SREYAS“ Bharthruhari, a great SAGE […]

Taitreya Upanishad, Class 45

Chapter 3, Anuvakha 3, Shloka # 1: Brghu understood that prana is Brahman; because it is from prana alone that all living beings are born; having been born from it, they live by it and (in the end) on departing, they go towards prana and become one with it. Having known that, he again approached […]

Omkara Upasana

In the13th Class of Taitreya Upanishad, Swamiji discusses Omkara Upasana.  This upasana is presented in the form of a chart.  Please click on the link for a chart form of this Upasana. omkara upasana (more…)

Upasanas in Shikshavalli

Shishavalli of Taitreya Upanishad enumerates the following vedic upasanas: Samhitha Upasana Vyahirithi Upasana Hiranya Garbha Upasana Panktha Brahma Upasana Please click on the link below for a chart reproduced from Swami Paramarthananda’s book with minor additions based on Swamiji’s classes. Upasanas in Sikshavallie (more…)


Dharma is a unique Vedic statement with immense hidden meaning.  The word Dharm is derived from the root Dhru – which means that supports, protects, sustains, holds,  – “Dhrayathe yat dharmaha”. Dharma is that principal which protects sustains the cosmic law and order.  There is no single equivalent English word, which justifies the full and […]