Manusha Yagya, February 2017

We collected $240 as donations for our project. On Tuesday February 14th, Asha Hariprasad and I bought $235 worth of fresh produce from Costco. On February 15th, Ravi and I drove to Inspiration Corp to drop off our donations. We met Jeff Adams who is the Associate Director of Operations. He took us on a tour of the facility and talked to us about what they are doing to help the homeless/poor community. He is very friendly and helpful and invites anyone who is interested in seeing their training program to contact him. It appears he is also familiar with vedic traditions.  We continue to make our in kind donations on the  third Wednesday of every month. We will collect money prior to that.  You can also contact me at to make donations in advance.
If you would like to visit Inspiration Corp, please contact Jeff at and mention the study group from Lemont temple.
Please feel free to let me know if you would like to help with this project and if you have any questions.