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Upadesha Saram, Class 8

Greetings All, Shloka 15 and 16: # 15: “For the exalted Yogi abiding steadily in the natural state, having destroyed the mind, is there any action left?” # 16: “When the mind turns away from the objects, it beholds its source, Consciousness. This is Self –abidance.” Continuing his teaching of Upadesha Saram, and refreshing our […]

Kaivalya Upanishad

Namaste: Please click on the link below for my notes on Kaivalya Upanishads.  These notes are based on the teachings of Swami Paramarthananda. Notes-KaivalyaUpanishad (more…)

Introduction to Vedanta

This document was created by John Manetta and is class notes for one of the discourses given by Swami Paramrthananda. The term Vedanta may sound overwhelming, but this document explains many subjects like the organization of Vedic scriptures, creation, karma and ends with an introduction of Tattvabodha (Self Knowledge) (more…)