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Bhagwat Geeta, Class 145 – Chapter 11 Viśva Roopa Darshana Yogaha, Verses 18 to 22

To have viśvarũpa darshanam, we require physical eye to see the universe as the body of the eye.  We are all gifted with physical eye.   But this is not enough, we also need the attitude by which we look upon the universe as the body of the Lord.  Lord is the material cause of the […]

Bhagwat Geeta, Class 144 – Chapter 11 Viśva Roopa Darshana Yogaha, Verses 14 to 18

For viśvarũpa darshanam in addition to regular eye, we need a special attitude which is born out of study of scriptures as well as a prepared mind.  Without the prepared mind, we can see viśva but it will not be seen as viśvarũpa Eeswara.  Knowledge, cognitive factors, and a pure mind all required for viśvarũpa […]

Bhagwat Geeta, Class 142 – Chapter 11 Viśva Roopa Darshana Yogaha, Verses 4 to 6

Scriptures and puranas describe the vision of Eeswara darshanam as a thrilling and fulfilling experience.  Any experience involves two things.  One if the object of experience which should be available.  It is not enough that the object of experience is available, we require a subject of experience is also available.  Object of experience should be […]

Bhagwat Geeta, Class 141 – Chapter 11 Viśva Roopa Darshana Yogaha, Verses 1 to 3

The word Yogaha at the end of every topic means a topic.  viśva roopa darshana means the vision of the Lord as viśva roopa, which is the name of the Lord.  Viśva roopam means the lord whose form is nothing but the very universe itself.  How can one have darshana of the lord in the […]

Mandukya Upanishad Class 6

Mantra # 5: That is the state of deep sleep wherein the sleeper does not desire any objects nor does he see any dream. The third quarter (pada) is the “Prajna” whose sphere is deep sleep, in whom all (experiences) become unified or undifferentiated, who is verily a homogeneous mass of Consciousness entire, who is […]

Taitreya Upanishad, Class 51

Greetings All, Swamiji said, today I will give you a summary of Brghuvalli. It is the third and final chapter of the Upanishad. Main teaching of Upanishad was in Chapter 2 on the topic of Brahma Vidya. Chapter 3 deals with certain other but important topics. Chapter 3 begins with the word Brghu, hence the […]

Taitreya Upanishad, Class 50

Greetings All, Ch 3, Anuvakaha 10, Shloka # 5: The Reality in the core of man and the Reality that is in the sun are one. He knows this, on leaving this world, first attains this Atman made of food, next attains this Atman made of Prana, next this Atman made of mind, next this […]

Taitreya Upanishad, Class 49

Ch 3, Anuvaka 10, shloka # 3: Now follows the meditation upon the adhidaivika; as satisfaction in the rains, as power of lightning; as fame in the cattle, as light in the stars, as off-spring, immortality and joy in the organs of procreation and as all in the akasha. Swamiji said we are in anuvakaha […]

Taitreya Upanishad, Class 48

Ch 3, Anuvakaha 10, Shloka # 1: Do not turn away anybody who seeks shelter and lodging. This is the vow. Let one, therefore, acquire much food by any means whatsoever. They should say: “Food is ready”. If the food is prepared in the best manner, the food is given to him (the guest) also […]

Taitreya Upanishad Class 47

Ch 3, Anuvakaha 8, Shloka # 1: Do not reject food. That is duty. Water is food. Fire is the food eater. Fire is fixed in water, water is fixed in fire. So food is fixed in food. He who knows that food is fixed in food, gets established in Brahman. He becomes possessor of […]