Discussion Summary August 2, 2015


In Part 2, Cantos 1, Shlokas 9, 10 and 11 respectively, Swamiji continued the discussion of the Atman or Consciousness.  He says the one Atma or original consciousness (OC) is reflected in everything. This reflection or manifestation depends on the reflecting medium. Thus, some are bright and others are dull.

One who is absorbed in the media will only see plurality and mortality. However, if one knows, one is the eternal Atman functioning through one’s body and mind, one will know I am immortal.  One will also look at the world, as one do with one’s Atman.  As I am, so I look at others says Swamiji. This is Advaita Darshanam. Giving example of the wave he says, when it sees itself as a wave, it is mortal, however, when it sees itself as Water then it feels “I am the Immortal Water”. Thus, Swamiji says, we need to bring a change in our perspective to bring this change within us.

There is no plurality at all. Division belongs to name (Nama) and form (Rupa). However, behind all this is one Non-dual Consciousness.

So how do we remove our misconceptions? He says, we need to get knowledge. The way to get knowledge is:

  1. To prepare the mind for Atmagyanam. Practicing Karma Yoga is the best way of preparing the mind.
  2. To hear Guru Upadesha also called Vedanta Srvanam is the next step. It is also called Shabda Pramanam.

Swamiji declares,If you get this knowledge, your perspective will change.

With my good wishes,

Ram Ramaswamy