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Vyragyam – Detachment

Tattva Bodha defines Vyragyam as desirelessness for  the pleasures of this world and the other upper worlds. Put it in another way, it is discriminating the REAL from the UNREAL and renouncing the Unreal and adopting the Real . In KATHOPANISHAD’S language, it is rejecting the “PREYAS” and electing the “SREYAS“ Bharthruhari, a great SAGE […]


Dharma is a unique Vedic statement with immense hidden meaning.  The word Dharm is derived from the root Dhru – which means that supports, protects, sustains, holds,  – “Dhrayathe yat dharmaha”. Dharma is that principal which protects sustains the cosmic law and order.  There is no single equivalent English word, which justifies the full and […]

Comments on Sloka 10 of Chapter1

“Aparyaptam tad asmakam  balam bhishmabhi raksitam  Paryaptam tvidam etesam  balam Bhimabhi raksitam”   Here Duryodhana is addressing Dronacharya  comparing the strengths of Pandavas and kawravas army. There seems to be a difference of opinion in the interpretation of this sloka among well known commentators.  Some commentators give the meaning “unlimited” for the word “aparyaptam” and […]


Dhritarashtra asks Sanjaya  ” MAMAKAH PANDAVAH CA EVA DHARMAKSHETRE KIM AKURVATHAH”   (What did MY PEOPLE and also the Pandavas do in the Holy land?)   Dhritarashtra was born congenitally blind. He also acquired inner blindness  by his selfishness and excessive attachment to Duryodhana.  Dhritarashtra, being blind, was not eligible for the throne and hence PANDU […]


Scriptures point out that human beings have 4 possible destinations. Rebirth—(PUNAR JANMA):  As a result of fructification of Sanchitha  karma ,beings attain suitable bodies.This cycle continues for most people until their Sanchita Karma is exhausted.This is possible only with attainment of Self Knowledge. Attainment of Swarga.(PARA LOKA PRAPTHI): Some people believe that attainment of celestial pleasures in Swarga is freedom.  Sastras do talk about these to those who […]


This glory of the GITA is narrated in VARAHA PURANA Bhudevi(Maha Lakshmi) approached Lord Vishnu and enquired – How , one who is bound with his Prarabdha maintain constant devotion upon You? The Lord replied that who meditates on Gita will attain that status. Lord further asserted that where ever  the book GITA is kept, […]