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Bagawat Geeta, Class 44

Greetings All, Continuing his teaching Swami Paramarthananda says, after shloka # 20, Sri Krishna talked about Karma or doing one’s duty. Arjuna has to do Karma to purify his mind. Only a wise person can obtain liberation. Once liberation is obtained he does not need to do Karma. This was conclusion of shloka # 20. […]

Bagawat Geeta, Class 38

Greetings All, Lord Krishna talked about the importance of karma up to the 7th verse; and now from the 8th verse onwards, up to 20th verse, the Lord is dealing with the important topic of karma yoga. Hence the chapter’s name as well. It is a very important chapter of the Gita. In last class […]

Baghawat Geeta, Class 12

Greetings All, Gita, Chapter # 2, Samkhya Yoga: Before getting into details of Chapter 2, Swamiji refreshed our memory on the key concepts presented in chapter 1. He says the disease called Samsara plagues mankind. It is an internal and psychological disease.  Raga (Likes), Dvesha (Dislikes) and Moha (delusion) characterize this Samsara disease. Often, not […]

Bagawat Geeta, Class 10

Arjuna shows the close connection between the institution of family and a dharmic way of life. These are intertwined so closely that when one is affected, the other has an impact and then it spirals into a vicious cycle. If family is destroyed, then dharma is destroyed, and with dharma destroyed, the next generation of […]

Bagawat Geeta Class 6

Namaste! Summary of Bhaghavad Gita class on 12/5/2015: Verses 14 – 23 Verse 14 –  “Thereafter,  Krishna and Arjuna, seated in a grand chariot with white horses, blew their divine conches.” After the Kaurava army signaled their readiness, it is the Pandavas’ turn to signal their readiness. Even though he is not the oldest, Krishna […]

Bagawat Geeta, Class 3

Greetings All, Swamiji continued with his discussion of the invocation prayer called Gitagyana Shloka. Madhusudhana Saraswathi wrote this Shloka. While this shloka was not originally a part of Gita, it is now accepted as one.  The Gitagyana Shloka has nine verses. In these Shlokas we are offering namaskara to: Bharathi, Gita/ Saraswathi, Vyasa and Lord […]


This glory of the GITA is narrated in VARAHA PURANA Bhudevi(Maha Lakshmi) approached Lord Vishnu and enquired – How , one who is bound with his Prarabdha maintain constant devotion upon You? The Lord replied that who meditates on Gita will attain that status. Lord further asserted that where ever  the book GITA is kept, […]

Bhagawat Gita 1: Introduction

Greetings All, This is my summary of the first class (October 1, 2915) of Bagawat Gita . Swamiji introduced the Bhagawat Gita today. He says all human beings pursue goals in life. Some are long term and some are short term in nature. Goals also vary from individual to individual, from time to time, and […]

Discussion Summary, October 18, 2015

Continuing his recap from last week of Mantra 9 in Part 2, Cantos 3, Swamiji reminded us of the prerequisites for realization. First, we need a human body and then we need to use it wisely towards the goal of realization. Second, the real meaning of I must be clear to us. In the statement […]

Our Meeting With Swamiji

Swami Paramarthananda: September 17, 2015 @ 6pm Chennai, India Narayanan took an appointment to meet Swamiji at his residence in Abhiramapuram. It was about 20 minutes visit. Being Ganesh/Pilayar Chaturthi day took some fruits, modak/kozakatai made in the morning and some from abhisekam done at Ganapathi agraharam on August 27. After offering our namaskaramas, we […]