Pancha Maha Yagna


In 2017, we have started the donation of fresh fruits and vegetables to Inspiration Corp (  This is part of our effort to fulfill one of the pancha maha yagna.  We plan to continue to donate to Inspiration Corp or similar organization that serve humanity.

Our scriptures prescribe certain saatvika karmas for our inner and spiritual growth. These karmas are compulsory and they have to be performed whether we like them or not. They are the pancha maha yagyna, the five sacred karmas.

  1. Deva-yagna : Worship of the Lord.    Deva-yagna is worship of the Lord in any form: puja, japa, going to the temple. It is not meant for monetary gain, but for spiritual gain.
  2. Pitr- yagna : Worship of parents and forefathers. Pitr-yagna is respecting our parents and taking care of them. Forefathers, alive or dead, should be treated with reverence.
  3. Brahma-yagna : Worship of the scriptures and the rishis who gave us the scriptures.  Brahma-yagna is ensuring that we treat our scriptures properly. It also means regular reading of the scriptures and studying and promoting them whenever possible
  4. Manusya-yagna : Worship of or service to humanity.  Manusya-yagna is performing all types of social services: taking care of the needy, the poor, the sick and so on.
  5. Bhuta-yagna : Worship and service of all other living beings.  Bhuta-yagna is respect towards all life. This includes animals, birds, plants; in a nutshell, the earth.

All these saatvika karmas help us towards attaining moksha, even if we don’t see it.