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Baghawad Gita, Class 202: Verses 9 to 14

Shloka 16.9: 16.9 Holding on to this view, (these people) who are of depraved character, of poor intellect, given to fearful actions and harmful, wax strong for the ruin of the world. Greetings, Continuing his teachings Swamiji said, In our scriptures, they talk about four goals of human life, known as purusharta’s. Purusha meaning human […]

Baghawad Gita, Class : Chapter , Verses 4 to 9

Shloka 16.4: 16.4 O son of Prtha, (the attributes) of one destined to have the demoniacal nature are religious ostentation, pride and haughtiness, [Another reading is abhimanah, self-conceit.-Tr.], anger as also rudeness and ignorance. Greetings, Continuing his teachings Swamiji said, In the 16th chapter of the Gita, Sri Krishna is talking about two types of […]

Baghawad Gita, Class 200: Chapter 16, Verses 2 to 4

16.2 Non-injury, truthfulness, absence of anger, renunciation, control of the internal organ, absence of vilification, kindness to creatures, non-covetousness, gentleness, modesty, freedom from restlessness; Continuing his teachings Swamiji said, in the beginning of the 16th chapter, in the first three verses, Sri Krishna is giving a list of virtues which He names daivi sampath; and […]

Baghawad Gita, Class 199: Chapter 16, Verses 1 & 2

Shloka # 16.1: 16.1 The Blessed Lord said Fearlessness, purity of mind, persistence in knowledge and yoga, charity and control of the external organs, sacrifice, (scriptural) study, austerity and rectitude; Greetings, Continuing his teachings Swamiji said, as I said in the last class, Sri Krishna is dealing with the way of life that a spiritual […]

Baghawad Gita, Class 198: Chapter 16, Verse 1

CHAPTER – 16: Yoga of division of attributes, divine and demoniac. Greetings, Continuing his teachings Swamiji said, having completed the 15th chapter, now we will enter into the 16th chapter of the Gita. The two chapters 16th and 17th have a subject matter, which is different from the main subject matter of the previous three […]

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