Chapter 1: The Yoga of Arjuna’s Dejection (arjuna-viṣāda-yoga)


Factors for healthy life

  1. Objective Factors: Hygienic surrounding.
  2. Subjective Factors: My body should be strong enough to withstand challenges; extend this to mental health as well
    1. If any mind is sufficiently strong psychological disturbances like anger, jealousy etc.  will occur less.
    2. Intensity will also be less
    3. The duration will also be less
    4. After effects will also be less

Bhagavad Gita’s subject matter will increase the strength and resistance at inner level.

First chapter is where Arjuna discovers that he has inner weakness.

  1.  Verses 1 to 20:  Context:  Mahabharata battlefield.
  2. Verses 21 to 25:  Arjuna wants to see who is fighting.
  3. Verses 26 to 28:  Arjuna’s discovery of his weakness of Raga (attachment) and consequences.
  4. Verses 29 to 35:  Consequences of Raga (soga, dwesham).
  5. Verses 36 to 47:  Mohaga – confusion, delusion, indecision, raga, soga, delusion; all of them put together is samsara.

Chapter 1 deals primarily with Arjuna’s sorrow and confusion. Lord Krishna does not speak in Chapter 1.