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Prasna Upanishad, Class 6

Prasna Upanishad, Class 6 – Dec 20, 2015 Continuation of explanation of verse 11. [divah: bhuvarlOkha. pare: beyond] SuryalOkha is in a place beyond bhuvarlokha. (bhUlOkha is earth, bhuverlOkha is intermediate, suverlOkha is in a higher space). Adhithya is also purishinam (plenty of water). Why? Sun alone is responsible for rain. Some sages glorify the […]

Bagawat Geeta Class 8

Bagawat Geeta Class 8 Namaste! Summary of class on December 19th: Verses 29-34 continues with Arjuna’s emotion of shOka (sorrow) and VyAsa here wants to show the intensity of the sorrow. Arjuna is describing how he is physically affected (limbs drooping, mouth drying up, body trembling, hairs standing, the Gandiva slipping, skin on fire, mind […]