Discussion Summary June 21, 2015


During our discussion today we discussed Karma yoga. For those who
feel they are not prepared for Gyana yoga for them Swamiji recommends
practice of Karma yoga. In this context the question was raised as to
what are some practical applications of Karma yoga one can take away.
Interesting ideas were brought out. I share some of them:

1.     Speak Good, Hear good, See good and Think/Do good. This was a
take from the three wise monkeys.   Practice this.

2.     Look at the unity in diversity.

3.     Eliminate the “I” in all aspects of life. Don’t think in terms
of my wife, my son, and my house etc., where the “I” identification
comes in. I was informed that this practice is very powerful.

4.     Swamiji’s lectures on Geeta are an excellent source to go to.

With my good wishes,

Ram Ramaswamy