Discussion Summary, June 28, 2015


Thanks to Ram Ramaswamy for this summary:

During our discussion today, Swamiji summarized the three cantos (also
called Valli’s). In the first Valli (canto) Swamiji reminded us that
Nachiketas felt his first duty was to society, then to family and
lastly to himself as the individual self. The group discussed this
particular subject and the actions/practice(s) we can take away for
our daily lives.

In general, there appears to be a consensus that Hindus for some
reason do not seem to come together to benefit or serve society.
Rather, we seem to be more focused on our own self-improvement leading
to self-knowledge. While our religion does teach service to society we
seem to practice it at an individual level rather than as a

What can we, the Vedanta group, do about it? How can we act on this
teaching was the question?

Some ideas that came up:

1)    Vedanta group should be a support group to all its members in
times of their need such as death, disease or some other source of
2)    If any member is in need of help he or she should contact Ravi.
Ravi will let the rest of group know.
3)    We should compile the Vedanta group members name, address, and
phone and email details and publish it. Of course, if privacy is
requested it should be honored. Some felt we do not know each other
very well within the group, yet.

4)    Another thought was each member should join some group of his or
her choosing and perform their service to society.

There may be more ideas that were not brought up.

These are only food for thought for group to discuss and decide upon a
course of action. We can also choose to do nothing. We can also decide
to  leave it in a parking lot for consideration in future.

With my good wishes,

Ram Ramaswamy