Discussion Summary July 5, 2015


Thanks to Ram Ramaswamy for this excellent summary of today’s class and discussion.

Swamiji started chapter two canto 1 today. In the first three shlokas
swamiji says to realize Atman the mind has to be inward focused rather
than outwards towards the external/material world.  He described the
three defects of external world. The defects are:

  1. Pain or sorrow (दुःख)
  2. Lack of satisfaction (अतितृप्ति)
  3. Dependence or Attachment (रागा)

Swamiji further describe Anathma (contrary to Atman).  The three Anathmas are:

  1. The external world
  2. The human body
  3. Our mind

Body and mind are also required to realize Atman.

So the question was how do we make the mind inward focused? What
practices can be adopted? Some of the suggestions from group were:

  1. Pujas and rituals are important in that they create the mood and
    set the tone for further forays into the world of enlightenment
  2. When you have meditated for some time, and have listened to the
    spiritual masters- you catch a glimpse of the divine or whatever else
    you may call it- you thirst for more.
  3. Markandeya embracing the lingam, becoming one with the supreme
    consciousness, thus defying Yama was powerful imagery -suggesting that
    when man becomes so one with the Divine, that he can even keep Death
    at bay.With my good wishes,

    Ram Ramaswamy