This glory of the GITA is narrated in VARAHA PURANA
Bhudevi(Maha Lakshmi) approached Lord Vishnu and enquired – How , one who is bound with his Prarabdha maintain constant devotion upon You?
The Lord replied that who meditates on Gita will attain that status.
Lord further asserted that where ever  the book GITA is kept, and where ever  GITA is studied, that place is considered as sacred as Prayaga&Kasi.
The Lord is present where Gita is studied,chanted or heard.
Gita is My supreme aboard, supreme knowledge, and the essence of My indefinable state.
Gita is the essence all the Vedas and Upanishads.
That who recites the entire 18 chapters of Gita with firm devotion attains the knowledge necessary to attain freedom (MOKSHA).
If one recites 9 chapters of Gita, he/she will attain the merit of “GO DHANA) gifting of a Cow.
He who recites a third of Gita will attain the punyam equal to a bath in Ganges.
He who recites one sixth will get the fruit of SOMA sacrifice.
If one recites one chapter a day with devotion, he will go to KAILASA.
If one recites one fourth of a chapter or one sloka daily will attain human birth for the duration of MANVANTARA (71 MAHA YUGAS) 308 million  YEARS.
He who recites 10,7,5,4,3,2,1 or one half of one sloka will attain CHANDRA LOKA for ten thousand years.
He who leaves this body reading Gita attains salvation.
One while performing the duties of daily life , meditates on the meaning of Gita will attain JEEVAN MUKTHI in this life and VIDEHA MUKTHI when the body falls.
Even a worst criminal if he loves to  hear and understand the meaning of  Gita will enjoy the bliss of VISHNU.
Those who do not recite this GITA MAHATYAM while studying GITA will not attain this punyam.