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Bhagwat Geeta, Class 177 – Chapter 13 Verses 25 to 27

Krishna points out that this knowledge is a liberating knowledge.  A person who knows that body mind complex is prakriti and that I am purusha.  Body is prakriti and mind is prakriti; the association of mind and body is birth and dis-association of mind and body is death; they are all happening at the level […]

Bhagwat Geeta, Class 176 – Chapter 13 Verses 23 and 24

Lord Krishna has come to the last pair of topics, purusha and prakriti.  Purusha and prakriti are two basic principles that existed even before the creation of the world, and this mixture of purusha and prakriti is called God.  The common features of purusha and prakriti are both are anädi and both of them can’t […]

Bhagwat Geeta, Class 175 – Chapter 13 Verses 21 and 22

With the 19th verse, Lord Krishna has completed four topics out of six topics that Arjuna wanted to know.  The four completed topics are: kṣetram, kṣetrajña, jñeyam and jñānam. From the 20th to 24th verse, Lord Krishna deals with Purusha and Prakriti.  Purusha is Brahman and Prakriti as Maya.  So, this discussion is Brahman and […]

Bhagwat Geeta, Class 174 – Chapter 13 Verses 18 to 20

In this chapter, Lord Krishna has come to the topic of jñeyam.  This word jñeyam is nothing but param brahma of Upanishad.  Param Brahma is the subtlest topic of Upanishad and Bhagavat Gita.  Param Brahma is nirgunam so is not available for sensory perception.  It is all pervading.  It is only one, Ekam.  The objects […]

Bhagwat Geeta, Class 173 – Chapter 13 Verses 16 and 17

In this 13th chapter, Arjuna asked for clarification of six concepts: Prakriti Purusha, kṣetram, kṣetrajña  jñeyam jñānam Krishna now addresses jñeyam or Brahman in verses 13 through 19th.  In this context jñeyam means param brahman.  Jñeyam, Brahman is the ultimate truth everyone should know. Krishna is revealing Brahman as pure existence.  Existence and consciousness are […]

Bhagwat Geeta, Class 172 – Chapter 13 Verses 14 and 15

From the 13th verse to 19th verse, Lord Krishna is introducing the fourth topic, jñeyam.  The word jñeyam means that it is to be known by everyone, the ultimate truth of the universe.  Every human being wants immortality; therefore, everyone should know this truth.  This is brahma vidya.  Verse 14 It has hands and legs […]

Bhagwat Geeta, Class 171 – Chapter 13 Verses 12 and 13

Lord Krishna is dealing with the topic of jñānam from verses 8 to 12.  In this context jñānam means all the virtues of mind which are conducive to the attainment of knowledge.  In the 11th verse, Lord Krishna emphasizes the importance of Bhakti.  Jñānam is only possible with the bhakti.  Karma yoga, upasana yoga and […]

Bhagwat Geeta, Class 170 – Chapter 13 Verses 8 to 12

In verses 8 to 12, Lord Krishna is dealing with jñānam.  Jñānam is a set of virtues that indicate the level of mental health.  This mental health is useful to enjoy a peaceful mind and is required for a vedantic student.  If the mind is not healthy, the intellect will be a hostage of sick […]

Bhagwat Geeta, Class 169 – Chapter 13 Verses 8 to 12

From verse 8 to 12, Krishna deals with jñānam which is those virtues that will make the mind fit for self-knowledge.  These virtues must be cultivated by everyone.  Gaining self-knowledge is relatively easy, but cultivating these virtues take time and effort.  These virtues are more important than vedantic studies.  We have seen the first three […]