Gurupurnima Lecture


The discussion was about Advaitham (Ad), Vasishtadwaitham (Va) and Dwaitham (Dw)–majority of Hindus follow one of these Darsans.

The three Darsans do not have the same goal.
Jiva is atom according to Va and Dw. But Ad says it is Sarvagathaha.
Iswara Swarupam is Saguna according to Va and Dw. But Ad says it is Nirguna.
Jagat is different according to Va and Dw. But Ad says there is no Jagat at all

Bhandaha —according to Va, I am dependant as Dasa eternally.
But Dw says Bondage is a misconception
Ad says it is a misconception I am a Dependent–I am a Swami–Soham

For our intellect we have to accept one path.
Ad does not look upon Va and Dw as opposed to it but as promoters–at the end Va and Dw is rejected.

All seekers are at the level of:
Mandha Adhikari— good student
Madhya Adhikari—better student
Uthama Adhikari—best student

Dw takes a student from Mandha to Madhya. Va takes a student from Madhya to Uthama.
Uthama will have intellect to appreciate teaching of Ad.

In short,  Dw looks at Jiva and Jagat as two separate entities.
Va looks at Jiva as a small part of God and Jagat is different
Ad says Everything is Brahman– Aham Brahmasmi