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Bhagwat Geeta, Class 184 – Chapter 14 Verses 10 to 13

Our body mind complex is made up of three gunas, and ahaMkAra is part of body mind complex.  As a result, we can’t escape the three gunas and we are forced to live with the three gunas and saguna ahaMkAra.  To handle the ahaMkAra, we must understand ahaMkAra and which guna is dominant in us […]

Bhagwat Geeta, Class 182 – Chapter 14 Verses 5

The first four verses are introductory verses, dealing with self-knowledge.  Self-knowledge is liberating wisdom.  The third and fourth verses discuss creation; every product in creation is a mixture of two parts – purusha and prakriti; or called brahma and maya; or father and mother; Whenever we talk of Eeswara, that Eeswara is a mixture of […]

Bhagwat Geeta, Class 181 – Chapter 14 Verses 1 to 4

In the last ṣatkam of Bhagavat Gita, the first three chapters – chapters 14, 15 and 16 – mainly focus on jñāna yoga.  Nethi Nethi method:  Whatever I experience, I am not; by negating everything I experience, then I left out with is the experiencer, who can never be the object.  Arrive at the subject […]

Bhagwat Geeta, Class 180 – Chapter 13 Summary

The thirteenth chapter is the beginning of the third ṣatkam of Bhagavad Gita. In the first ṣatkam, Lord Krishna highlighted karma yoga, in the second ṣatkam, Krishna highlighted Upasana yoga and in the third ṣatkam Krishna is going highlight jñāna yoga.  The first three chapters, that is chapter 13, 14 and 15, are very important […]

Bhagwat Geeta, Class 179 – Chapter 13 Verses 32 to 35

Up to the 24th verse of this chapter, Lord Krishna discussed the six topics Arjuna requested.  From 25, 26 and 27, the sadhanas were discussed.  From the 28th verse onwards, jnana phalāḥṃ is being discussed. The first benefit discussed was complete understanding of the universe. The eye of wisdom sees inherent superficial duality and this […]

Bhagwat Geeta, Class 178 – Chapter 13 Verses 28 to 31

Up to the 24th verse, Lord Krishna dealt with all the six topics Arjuna wanted to know.  From verse 25 to 27, Lord Krishna talked about the sadhanas required to gain this knowledge, the culmination of this knowledge should be knowledge.  Problem of samsara is because of the error with regard to the perception of […]

Bhagwat Geeta, Class 177 – Chapter 13 Verses 25 to 27

Krishna points out that this knowledge is a liberating knowledge.  A person who knows that body mind complex is prakriti and that I am purusha.  Body is prakriti and mind is prakriti; the association of mind and body is birth and dis-association of mind and body is death; they are all happening at the level […]

Bhagwat Geeta, Class 176 – Chapter 13 Verses 23 and 24

Lord Krishna has come to the last pair of topics, purusha and prakriti.  Purusha and prakriti are two basic principles that existed even before the creation of the world, and this mixture of purusha and prakriti is called God.  The common features of purusha and prakriti are both are anädi and both of them can’t […]

Bhagwat Geeta, Class 175 – Chapter 13 Verses 21 and 22

With the 19th verse, Lord Krishna has completed four topics out of six topics that Arjuna wanted to know.  The four completed topics are: kṣetram, kṣetrajña, jñeyam and jñānam. From the 20th to 24th verse, Lord Krishna deals with Purusha and Prakriti.  Purusha is Brahman and Prakriti as Maya.  So, this discussion is Brahman and […]

Bhagwat Geeta, Class 174 – Chapter 13 Verses 18 to 20

In this chapter, Lord Krishna has come to the topic of jñeyam.  This word jñeyam is nothing but param brahma of Upanishad.  Param Brahma is the subtlest topic of Upanishad and Bhagavat Gita.  Param Brahma is nirgunam so is not available for sensory perception.  It is all pervading.  It is only one, Ekam.  The objects […]