Sadhana Sadhushta Sambandhi


Scriptures (and Swamiji) frequently emphasize that to acquire vedic knowledge, one should have sadhana sadhusta sambandhi or improve up on four requirements.  I am writing this post for easier recollection.

Swamiji introduces the concept of sadhanasadhustasambandhi in TatvaBodha class and calls them as four “D’s”.  Swamiji elaborates this concept in other classes as well.  The four “D’s” are:

  1. Discrimination (Vivekaha)
  2. Dispassion (Vyragyam):  Free from ragha, krotha and bayam; one who enjoys calm mind.
  3. Desire (Mumukshutvam)
  4. Discipline:  Six fold self-discipline

The fourth requirement, Discipline, consists of six fold self-discipline:

  1. Samaha (Mastery over mind obtaining poise and tranquility)
  2. Dhamaha (Harmony and control over sensory organs – eyes, ears etc.)
  3. Uprahamaha (Spiritual living; Increase spiritual activities and reduce material activities)
  4. Thithiksha (Improve the threshold of endurance for pain)
  5. Shradha (Faith in scriptures and the guru teaching the scriptures)
  6. Samadhanam (focus on the goal)

Dr. Devarajalu Naidu has written an excellent post on the second requirement, Vyragyam at