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Mandukya Upanishad, Class 16

Mantra # 11: सुषुप्तस्थानः प्राज्ञो मकारस्तृतीया मात्रा  मितेरपीतेर्वा मिनोति ह वा  इदं सर्वमपीतिश्च भवति य एवं वेद ॥ ११ ॥ Pragya, whose sphere of activity is deep sleep, is M the third letter of AUM, because it is both the “measure” and also “ that wherein all become one”. One who knows this identity of […]

Baghawat Geeta, Class 137: Chapter 10, Verses 30 to 33

Shloka # 30: प्रह्लादश्चास्मि दैत्यानां कालः कलयतामहम्। मृगाणां च मृगेन्द्रोऽहं वैनतेयश्च पक्षिणाम्।।10.30।। Daityanam, among demons, the descendants of Diti, I am the one called Prahlada. And I am kalah, Time; kalayatam, among reckoners of time, of those who calculate. And mrganam, among animals; I am mrgendrah, the loin, or the tiger. And paksinam, among birds; […]

Mandukya Upanishad, Class 15

Mantra # 9: जागरितस्थानो वैश्वानरोऽकारः प्रथमा मात्राऽऽप्तेरादिमत्त्वाद्वाप्नोति ह वै सर्वान्कामानादिश्च भवति य एवं वेद ॥ ९ ॥ He who is Vaishvanara having for his sphere of activity the waking state is Aa the first letter of AUM, on account of its “ all pervasiveness” or on account of “ being the first”- these two are […]

Mandukya Upanishad, Class 14

Karika # 18: विकल्पो विनिवर्तेत कल्पितो यदि केनचित् ।  उपदेशादयं वादो ज्ञाते द्वैतं न विद्यते ॥ १८ ॥ If any one has ever imagined or projected the manifold ideas, they might disappear. This explanation is for the purpose of teaching. Duality in the explanation ceases to exist when the highest Truth is Realized. Swamiji said […]

Mandukya Upanishad, Class 13

Mantra # 7; Karika # 14: स्वप्ननिद्रायुतावाद्यौ प्राज्ञस्त्वस्वप्ननिद्रया ।  न निद्रां नैव च स्वप्नं तुर्ये पश्यन्ति निश्चिताः ॥ १४ ॥ Vishwa and Taijasa, the former two are associated with the conditions of dream and sleep, Prajna is the state without dream. Those who have known the Truth do not see either sleep or dream in […]

Baghawat Geeta, Class 135: Chapter 10, Verses 24 to 27

Shloka # 24: पुरोधसां च मुख्यं मां विद्धि पार्थ बृहस्पतिम्। सेनानीनामहं स्कन्दः सरसामस्मि सागरः।।10.24।। O son of Prtha, know me to be Brhaspati, the foremost among the priests of kings. Among commanders of armies I am Skanda; among large expanses of water I am the sea.  Continuing his teaching, Swamiji said, I was in midst […]

Mandukya Upanishad, Class 12

Mantra # 7; Karika # 11: Swamiji said in these karikas beginning from # 11 Guadapada is comparing and contrasting the four padas. This study is for clarifying the karika. This clarification is called Svadhanya Vaidhanya Vichara. It shows the study of common and uncommon features. Two specific factors are studied for comparison. They are: […]

Baghawat Geeta, Class 134: Chapter 10, Verses 20 to 24

Shloka # 20: अहमात्मा गुडाकेश सर्वभूताशयस्थितः। अहमादिश्च मध्यं च भूतानामन्त एव च।।10.20।। O Gudakesa, I am the Self residing in the hearts of all beings, and I am the beginning and the middle as also the end of (all) beings. Continuing his teaching, Swamiji said, Arjuna requested Sri Krishna to enumerate all his glories so […]

Baghawat Geeta, Class 133: Chapter 10, Verses 17 to 20

Shloka # 17: कथं विद्यामहं योगिंस्त्वां सदा परिचिन्तयन्। केषु केषु च भावेषु चिन्त्योऽसि भगवन्मया।।10.17।।  O Yogi, [Here yoga stands for the results of yoga, viz omniscience, omnipotence, etc.; one possessed of these is a yogi. (See Comm. on 10.7)] how shall I know You by remaining ever-engaged in meditation? And through what objects, O Lord, […]

Baghawat Geeta, Class 132: Chapter 10, Verses 12 to 17

Shloka # 12: अर्जुन उवाच परं ब्रह्म परं धाम पवित्रं परमं भवान्। पुरुषं शाश्वतं दिव्यमादिदेवमजं विभुम्।।10.12।। Arjuna said You are the supreme Brahman, the supreme Light, the supreme Sanctifier. All the sages as also the divine sage Narada, Asita, Devala and Vyasa [Although Narada and the other sages are already mentioned by the words ‘all […]

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