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Discussion Summary – September 6, 2015

Continuing his overview of Part 2, Cantos 2, Mantra # 5 again, Swamiji says, Atma alone blesses life. Sukshma Sharira allows this body to live. Prana is within Sukshma Sharira. As such, superficially, it appears as if Prana is the basis for life. Yama says, both Prana and Sukshma Sharira are Jadam (inanimate) as such […]

Discussion Summary July 26, 2015

Discussing part 2 Cantos 1, Shlokas 6,7, 9 and 8, Swamiji continued the discussion of the Atman or Consciousness.  The subtle universe was born out of Causal universe (the seed). The Causal universe was always there even before creation.  He compares the Causal Universe to the state before the big bang. Thus: Karana Sharira (Causal)>Sukshma […]

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