Golu Padi with PVC Pipes


Here are the instructions to build a five step golu padi that is five feet wide.  You need 100 feet of 3/4″ pvc pipe, 16 Tees and 16 side elbows.  For assembly, you need a hammer or mallet, PVC pipe cutter, tape measure and level finder.


You need a level finder, tape measure, pvc pipe cutter and a hammer/mallet










Cut the 120 foot pipe into the following pieces:

  • 51 Inch – Ten pieces  (these will be used for the bottom frame as well frames for the steps.
  • 57 Inch – 2 pieces (Back of the first step – tallest step)
  • 45 Inch – 4 Pieces (front of the first step and back of the second step)
  • 33 Inch – 4 Pieces (front of the second step and back of the third step)
  • 21 Inch – 4 pieces (front of the third step and back of fourth step)
  • 10 Inch – 20 pieces
  • 9 Inch – 8 pieces

These cuttings allow for a gain of  1.5″ for each fixture used.  This 1.5″ can be used to compensate for minor cutting errors.  Do not cut them all at the beginning;  Cut the pieces as you go along when you need them.  These measurements will result in the support for steps at 4’6″ – allowing for 6″ over hang on either side and a 6″ overhang in front for each step.


You need 16 Tees

Side Elbows

You need 16 side elbows











First Step is to build the base. For the four corners you need the side elbows; On the front and back use two 51″ pipes; on each side use five 10″ pipes; between the 10 ” pipes, install tees (8 in total). Snugly fit the pipes together, with the open outlet of the tee upwards. Use the hammer to lightly tap the pipes and fitting together, but do not force them all the way in. You will need some space to adjust for any variations in cutting.



















Install the first step by using two 57″ pipes on to the two side elbows on the back of the base. Install two side elbows on the top of the two pipes and connect them with one 51″ pipe. Tap all pipes into place, but do not over tighten them yet.

















Insert the two 45″ tubes in to the first two two tees and attach two tees on the top.















Insert 9″ pipe on top each of the tees on the 45″ pipe. Insert side elbows on top of each of thees 9″ pipes; complete the first step frame with two 9″ pipe and one 51″ pipe.
















Ensure the first step is in level on both directions. Tap the pipes slightly to get them in level – go gently as you will need the play room for final fitting.
















Install two 35″ pipes onto the next two tees. Insert two tees on top and attach 9″ pipes on top of each tee.















Complete the second step with one 51″ pipe and two 10″ pipe. Level in both directions and tap in the pipes if necessary
















Complete the remaining steps similar to the second step. The last step (5th step) uses 9″ pipe.