Scriptures point out that human beings have 4 possible destinations.

  1. Rebirth—(PUNAR JANMA):  As a result of fructification of Sanchitha  karma ,beings attain suitable bodies.This cycle continues for most people until their Sanchita Karma is exhausted.This is possible only with attainment of Self Knowledge.
  2. Attainment of Swarga.(PARA LOKA PRAPTHI): Some people believe that attainment of celestial pleasures in Swarga is freedom.  Sastras do talk about these to those who accumulated enough punyam,but the problem is that after enjoying the devine pleasures for a long time, the accumulated punyam gets exhausted and they need to return to take another birth.
  3. Step wise freedom(KRAMA MUKTHI).  Here the seeker under goes Karma yoga, upasana yoga and  gnana yoga but could not totally attain GNANAM. He gets access to Brahma Loka, gets self knowledge from Brahmaji and gets free.
  4. JEEVAN MUKHTHI-Freedom while living.  This is what Lord Krishna prescribes to us. Although Sastras talk about the other three,there is no proof of their existence and we can not practically experience them. It is more meaningful If we can actually experience moksha in this life ,here and now .


We enjoy a good night’s sleep where our gross body and subtle body is completely resolved. We simply enjoy in the Self.  Similarly, a jeevan muktha intellectually separates and as if resolves the body mind complex and rejoices in the Self .He enjoys  life as a sport with out  any fear, anxiety or any attachments.

What are the benefits of Moksha?

  1. Quenches the inquisitiveness of knowing about your self.(GIGNASA NIVRUTTI).  Getting true knowledge about one self gives the intellectual satisfaction.
  2. Attainment of absolute BLISS. (ANANDA PRAPTHIHI).  Self knowledge gives “Poornathvam” which makes one self sufficient with in one self.
  3. Freedom from external dependence.(PARATHANTRA NIVRUTTIHI).  External dependence is temporary and it cannot give permanent security.
  4. Reduction of painful experiences.(AAGHAATHA NIVRUTTIHI).  Like a shock absorber, the impact of painful situations are made tolerable.
  5. Improves the work efficiency . (DAKHSHATAA PRAPTHIHI).  When you work without anxiety for the fruits of your action,the work efficiency increases.

SELF knowledge removes the cover of ignorance and reveals the real nature which is ever pure bliss and absolute freedom.  A gnani,upon attainment of gnanam,burns all the accumulated karma.With out accumulating fresh karma,he leaves this body and gets free with out taking another body. This is VI DEHA MUKTHI.


Dr.Devarajulu Naidu Katta.