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Bagawat Geeta, Class 43

Greetings All, Shloka # 19: तस्मादसक्तः सततं कार्यं कर्म समाचर। असक्तो ह्याचरन्कर्म परमाप्नोति पूरुषः।।3.19।। Therefore, unattached, always do the work that has to be done; for, doing work with detachment, man attains the supreme. Continuing his teaching of the Gita and refreshing our memory of the last class, Swami Paramarthananda said, Sri Krishna talked about […]

Bagawat Geeta, Class 42

Greetings All, Shloka # 15: कर्म ब्रह्मोद्भवं विद्धि ब्रह्माक्षरसमुद्भवम्। तस्मात्सर्वगतं ब्रह्म नित्यं यज्ञे प्रतिष्ठितम्।।3.15।। Know that this work is born of the Vedas, and that the Vedas are born of the imperishable Reality.  Therefore, the all-pervading Veda is eternally rooted in sacrificial work. Continuing his teaching of the Gita and refreshing our memory of the […]

Bagawat Geeta, Class 41

Greetings All, Shloka # 13: “यज्ञशिष्टाशिनः सन्तो मुच्यन्ते सर्वकिल्बिषैः। भुञ्जते ते त्वघं पापा ये पचन्त्यात्मकारणात्।।3.13।।” Continuing his teaching and refreshing our memory of last class, Swami Paramarthananda says, Lord Krishna was looking at Karma Yoga from different angles. He says Karma yoga is a way of life. The first angle was that of a commandment […]

Bagawat Geeta, Class 40

Greetings All, Shloka # 11: “देवान्भावयतानेन ते देवा भावयन्तु वः।

परस्परं भावयन्तः श्रेयः परमवाप्स्यथ।।3.11” Continuing his teaching of Gita and recapping last week’s lesson, Swami Parmarthananda said, Sri Krishna is looking at Karma Yoga from different angles. The general definition of Karma Yoga is: Proper Action + Proper Attitude=Karma Yoga Proper action means giving more and […]

Bagawat Geeta, Class 39

Greetings All, Shloka # 9: यज्ञार्थात्कर्मणोऽन्यत्र लोकोऽयं कर्मबन्धनः।

तदर्थं कर्म कौन्तेय मुक्तसंगः समाचर।।3.9।। “This world is bound by works other than those done as sacrifice, O son of Kunti. Free from attachment, do work as sacrifice.” Recapping last week’s teachings Swami Paramarthananda said Sri Krishna discussed Karma yoga from different angles. Karma Yoga consists of two […]

Bagawat Geeta, Class 38

Greetings All, Lord Krishna talked about the importance of karma up to the 7th verse; and now from the 8th verse onwards, up to 20th verse, the Lord is dealing with the important topic of karma yoga. Hence the chapter’s name as well. It is a very important chapter of the Gita. In last class […]

Bagawat Geeta, Class 37

Greetings All, Shloka # 6: कर्मेन्द्रियाणि संयम्य य आस्ते मनसा स्मरन्।

इन्द्रियार्थान्विमूढात्मा मिथ्याचारः स उच्यते।।3.6।। “ Controlling the organs of action, he who has his mind dwelling on their objects has a confounded mind; he is said to be a hypocrite.” Continuing his teaching of the Gita, Swami Paramathananda recapped last week’s class. In this shloka […]

Bagawat Geeta, Class 36

Shloka # 3: “The blessed Lord Said: O Sinless One! Two kinds of disciplines in this world were set forth by Me of yore-for Samkhyas the disciple of knowledge , and for the Yogins, that of works.” Recapping shloka # 3, Swami Parmarthananda, said, after listening to teachings in chapter 2, Arjuna n =ow has […]

Bagawat Geeta, Class 35

Shloka # 1: Arjuna Said: “O Krsna! If your view is that knowledge is superior to work, why do you bid me to undertake this fearful work of war?” Starting the teaching of chapter 3 Swami Paramathanada said, this chapter begins with a question from Arjuna.  Arjuna is confused about the teaching in chapter 2. […]

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