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Saddarshanam, Class 14

Greetings All, Shloka # 22: That vision of the Lord which is without seeing the Seer can only be a mental vision. Indeed the Supreme is not other than Seer. His vision is absorption and abidance in one’s own source. Continuing his teaching and refreshing our memory of last class, Swami Paramarthananda said, in this […]

Saddarshanam, Class 13

Shloka # 21: It is possible to talk of fate and self-effort for them who know not the source of the two. To them who know well the source of fate and effort, there is neither fate nor effort. Continuing his teaching and refreshing our memory of last class, Swamy Paramarthananda said, in this shloka […]

Saddharshanam, Class 12

As far as dehathma bava (experience of limitation caused by physical body) is concerned it is same for gyani and agyani.  This experience of limitation is common on jagrada avastas and swapna avasta.  But in sushukthi avasta, there is absence of experience.  There is no third experience in sushukthi as the expreince of limitlessness does […]

Saddarshanam, Class 11

I, the atma becomes ahangara because of ignorance.  I become temporarily localized I, known as ahangara and this is the first product of ignorance.  This is the foundation for space, time and plurality and this is alone is the cause of samsara. Space is the first tyranny.  Because of space alone I feel localized and […]

Saddarshanam, Class 10

When I say the I is the cause of all problem, that I represents the ahangara.  “I am the cause of all problem” or “the I is the cause of all problem” are different.  The HE and The You are dependent on The I.  Second and third person are dependent on first person, that is […]

Saddharshanam, Class 9

Verse 13 Can that be true knowledge when the knower does not know himself?  To one who knows oneself, the support of knowledge and the object of knowledge the two will vanish. How para vidhya is different from apara vidhya?  How abatma vidhya is different than atma vidhya Verse 14 Sleep is not knowledge.  Perception […]

Saddharshanam, Class 8

All pairs of opposites and triads shine, taking the support of some entity.  When that is searched, all will get dropped.  To them who see the Truth, there is never any wavering. The idea given in this verse is self-inquiry always means atma vichara, even though we can loosely describe it as ahangara vichara: Atma […]

Saddharshanam, Class 7

Greetings All, Shloka # 9: The world arises and sets with the “I” thought. Therefore, this world is illumined by the “I” thought. The Reality is the abode of the birth and death of the “I” thought and the world. It is One, complete and without birth and decay. Continuing his teaching and refreshing our […]

Saddharshanam, Class 6

Greetings All, Shloka # 7: Apart from the body made up of five sheaths, does the world shine? Let people explain. Without that five fold body who can perceive this world? Continuing his teaching and refreshing our memory of last class, Swamy Paramarthananda said, in all these shlokas Bhagawan Ramana Maharishi is continuing his campaign […]

Saddharshanam, Class 5

Greetings All, Shloka # 5: “ Arguments that this is real or false, sentient or inert, sorrow or joy, are to no purpose. The state free from all thoughts, without “I” notion and the world, is supreme state desired.” Continuing his teaching on Saddarshana, Swami Paramarthananda said, even though Brahman is Adishtanam of everything, Bhagawan […]