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Ten Commandments of Hinduism

This is a special talk given by Swamiji on the new year day of 2000.  This one hour special talk discusses the following: Ten commandments that should be followed by all seekers of moksha The practical ways of following these ten commandments While many of us study vedanta, and are in the process of assimilating […]

Gurupurnima Lecture

The discussion was about Advaitham (Ad), Vasishtadwaitham (Va) and Dwaitham (Dw)–majority of Hindus follow one of these Darsans. The three Darsans do not have the same goal. Jiva is atom according to Va and Dw. But Ad says it is Sarvagathaha. Iswara Swarupam is Saguna according to Va and Dw. But Ad says it is […]

Is Life Predetermined?

Many events of our life are out of our control and most of our life appears to be predetermined.  It appears that we may be able to influence only a small portion of our life.  Our birth is destined. Our death is destined.   And most of our life appears destined.  Then, is it correct to […]

Karanam and Karyam

Portion of Swamiji’s lecture on Shivarthri: In the first stage of Ishwara Aradhanam we defined Ishwara as shrithi-shruthi-laya kartha. We use the word jagat kartha but in the second stage, Ishwara jnanam, the language is slightly changed. Instead of the word “kartha” we use the word “karanam”. Now we define God as the cause of […]

Tolerance: Swamiji Talk for New Year 2016

Namaste: This are my notes from New Year talk given by Swamiji on January 1, 2016: You can listen to this talk here. The topic of this talk was six principles of tolerance. Swamiji started the talk by pointing out that the topic of tolerance is in the news now a days and that both Tatva […]

Our Meeting With Swamiji

Swami Paramarthananda: September 17, 2015 @ 6pm Chennai, India Narayanan took an appointment to meet Swamiji at his residence in Abhiramapuram. It was about 20 minutes visit. Being Ganesh/Pilayar Chaturthi day took some fruits, modak/kozakatai made in the morning and some from abhisekam done at Ganapathi agraharam on August 27. After offering our namaskaramas, we […]

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