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Baghawat Geeta, Class 138: Chapter 10, Verses 33 – 35

Shloka # 33: अक्षराणामकारोऽस्मि द्वन्द्वः सामासिकस्य च। अहमेवाक्षयः कालो धाताऽहं विश्वतोमुखः।।10.33।। Aksaranam, of the letters; I am the akarah, letter a. Samasikasya, of the group of compound words, I am the compund (called) Dvandva. Besides, aham eva, I Myself; am the aksayah, infinite, endless; kalah, time, well known as ‘moment’ etc.; or, I am the […]

Mandukya Upanishad, Class 17

Karika # 23: अकारो नयते विश्वमुकारश्चापि तैजसम् । मकारश्च पुनः प्राज्ञं नामात्रे विद्यते गतिः ॥ २३ ॥ The sound letter A helps the meditator to attain a well-developed waking personality (vishva). The meditator on U attains a well-developed Taijasa (mind and intellect) and for one who meditates on M reaches Prajna. In the “ soundless” […]

Mandukya Upanishad, Class 16

Mantra # 11: सुषुप्तस्थानः प्राज्ञो मकारस्तृतीया मात्रा  मितेरपीतेर्वा मिनोति ह वा  इदं सर्वमपीतिश्च भवति य एवं वेद ॥ ११ ॥ Pragya, whose sphere of activity is deep sleep, is M the third letter of AUM, because it is both the “measure” and also “ that wherein all become one”. One who knows this identity of […]

Vishnu Sahasarnamam

As part of Sadhana, Swamiji mentions that we do prayers, stuties, puja etc to prepare our-self.  One of the Strotram is Vishnu Sahasra Namam.  Here are the Sanskrit lyrics and YouTube presentation of Vishnu Sahasaranamam: (more…)

Devi Kavacham – Argala – Stotram

As part of Sadhana, Swamiji mentions that we do prayers, stuties, puja etc to prepare our-self.  One of the Strotram is Devi Kavcham – Argala Stotram.  Here are the Sanskrit lyrics and YouTube presentation of Devi Kavacham – Argala – Stotram: You can follow this stotram with this video in YouTube:   (more…)

Mandukya Upanishad Class 8

Karika # 4:  Tripti Trayam:  स्थूलं तर्पयते विश्वं प्रविविक्तं तु तैजसम् ।  आनन्दश्च तथा प्राज्ञं त्रिधा तृप्तिं निबोधत ॥ ४ ॥ The gross objects satisfy the Viswa, whereas the subtle objects satisfy the Taijasa, while the bliss satisfies the Prajna, Thus the bliss is threefold. Swamiji said in these karika shlokas Gudapada is summarizing the […]

Mandukya Upanishad, Class 3

Greetings All, Swamiji said, in last class we saw that in Vedanta when Shabda Pramanam is employed properly through Srvanam, Mananam and Nidhidhyasanam; through a qualified Guru; it will produce Gyanam. Even though words normally don’t reveal Brahman, the Upanishad still uses different methods to reveal Brahman through words. The Gyani parampara is proof of […]

Taitreya Upanishad, Class 50

Greetings All, Ch 3, Anuvakaha 10, Shloka # 5: The Reality in the core of man and the Reality that is in the sun are one. He knows this, on leaving this world, first attains this Atman made of food, next attains this Atman made of Prana, next this Atman made of mind, next this […]

Baghawat Geeta, Class 118: Chapter 9, Verses 1 – 4

Greetings All, Starting his talk on chapter 9, Swamiji said, we have completed chapter 8, a unique chapter dealing with Krama Mukti, a topic discussed by the Upanishads as well. Sri Krishna is trying to cover all aspects of the Upanishads including Krama Mukti. And in this krama mukti topic, a person is asked to […]

Taitreya Upanishad, Class 38

Ch 2, Anuvakaha # 8, Shloka # 1: Through fear of Him blows the wind. Through fear of him rises the sun. Through fear of him again fire and moon and lastly, the fifth, death proceed to their respective duties. Continuing his teaching of the Upanishad, Swamiji said, We are in beginning Anuvakaha 8 of […]